How to Design Your Dream Master Bath

You’re ready to upgrade from a single vanity to a more spacious and elbow friendly double vanity! Master bathrooms have become more than just the place you shower and brush your teeth. Now we view this space as part of our daily sanctuary. Here are few points to consider when designing your new haven.


Carefully consider how your bathroom will be laid out and what your budget is first and foremost. Where will the shower and vanity or vanities live? Where will the tub be placed? Will it be a free-standing tub, do you have room for a free-standing tub, will there even be a tub or will you use the space for a large European style shower? Along with the dimensions of your master bathroom, plumbing is either costly, difficult or not possible to change once set. If you’re building, the bathroom configuration will be determined when your home’s plan is being drawn. If remodeling, your bathroom’s configuration is already set by the existing layout.

Where to find ideas

Your dream master bath usually starts as a vision, but you’ll need to be able to communicate and implement that vision. Pictures are always a great idea to help your builder or contractor understand what your vision is. Create idea boards to share electronically or on paper. You can use sites like Pinterest and Architecture Art Designs to generate ideas. This will help you keep your thoughts and ideas organized. Plus, this will give your builder or contractor a reference in understanding your ideas more clearly and if they work within the parameters of your budget and bathroom dimensions.

How to Make It Yours

To put your personal touch on your new master bath, think of color schemes and get creative with materials and finishes.

An exciting part of putting your master bath oasis together is being able to pick the finishes. You can see the structure of your bathroom coming together when cabinets and tubs are placed. You’ll get to choose everything from the wall color to the faucets to the tile. Add accent tile in the shower, pick contrasting colors or unique sink bowls.

Don’t think your color scheme must stop with the paint color. Coordinate towels, décor and accent pieces such as pictures and candles. Even your soap dispensers and your make up brushes can tie a color scheme together.


Always be aware of what upkeep the material or finishes will require. For instance, if you choose marble tile in the shower it will need to be sealed, however, a sealant will not repel stains from water and products used. A dark vanity countertop may show water spots easily and need to be wiped down daily. Your builder, contractor and the products’ suppliers can help answer any questions you may have about the upkeep of materials being used.

Have fun designing your new owners’ suite! You’ll be able to shut the door and savor some me time in a unique and functional space you can call your own.

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