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Helpful Tips, So You Don't Forget

Moving can be a very hectic time. There are many things to remember beyond just the coordination of packing and moving. We provided some helpful reminders as you prepare for your move.

The first rule of moving is to clean up any clutter before you go.  It is much better to purge any items that you rarely use before you move rather than try to find a new place for them in your new home.  Consider hosting a garage sale or donate items.


Take an inventory of you possessions, especially those of significant value. Many moving companies will do this for you to make sure nothing gets lost in the move, but its also a helpful place to start as you think about what items you wish to discard or place in your new home.

Get to know your new community. It’s a great idea to research what is nearby, including schools, shopping, food & dining and parks. Some things you may want to investigate include: a local doctor, dentist, veterinarian, health facilities, day care establishments, storage facilities, maintenance services etc.


If you are planning to do the packing yourself, stock up on packing supplies (boxes, tape, labels, markers, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc). When labeling your boxes, not the contents inside the box, whether they are fragile, and the room in which they belong.  Know what you are packing.  Label boxes in detail, including contents and the intended room in your new home.

Be Safe.  Whether your are hiring a professional moving company or doing it yourself, remove hazards and keep walkways clear.  Arrange for someone to take care of your children and pets while everything is being packed and loaded.

Start making a list of people or businesses you should notify of your move. Those would include the postal service, utility companies to set up service (Water, Gas, Electric, Cable or Satellite, Internet, Trash), subscriptions or memberships, home maintenance services, storage facilities, banks etc.

Contact your insurance agent(s) to transfer your policies (health, fire, dental, homeowners, etc…) and inquire about any changes that may adjust your policies. May want to consider mover’s insurance, if your current policy does not cover.


For families, check school/activity schedules and enrollment dates, as well as have school records transferred to new school

Visit the department of transportation to update your driver’s license information, transfer plates, register to vote, etc.

Consult with your tax adviser, some moving expenses can be deducted for tax purposes.

Pack an Esentials box.  When you arrive at your new residence, your essentials box will be first thing you unpack.  Typical items include items like phone chargers, basic cleaning supplies, box cutter, change of clothes, coffee maker, disposable plates, cups and eating utensils, batteriels, garbage bags, medications, pet supplies, tools, snacks, toilet paper and toiletries.

And don’t forget to enjoy your new home!

Couple Moving Into Their New Home in Des Moines
Moving Van
Boxes in a New Home
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