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Andersen Windows

Architectural Window Options for Every Type of Iowa Home

The Andersen windows design team has put together a fantastic library of home styles in coordination with their architectural window collection. Dynasty Homes is pleased to share them from their home style library.

The Craftsman Bungalow

Craftsman-style houses are found across the country promoting a simple decorative expression of structural elements. The bungalow is one of the most common styles that emerged from that movement. You will notice double hung or casement windows, exterior trim contrasts with window frame color and grille patterns with vertical proportions.

The American Farmhouse

The American Farmhouse evolved from Colonial and Victorian style homes and is often associated with the Midwest. You will notice tall, narrow double-hung windows, bay windows and window groupings with 2 over 2 grille patterns.

The Prairie Home

The Prairie style is considered the first architectural style of American origin. It features bold, clean lines and is most widely attributed to architect Frank Lloyd Wright. You will notice casement windows in horizontal shapes, brown red and rust window trim colors with art glass or prairie grilles.

The French Eclectic

This range of styles is inspired by French architecture. Although its roots are in the south of France, French Eclectic is a very American interpretation of the French domestic vernacular. You will notice tall, steeply pitched, hipped or gabled roofs with vertically oriented windows with grilles.

The Georgian Federal

Its roots were in Classical Roman Architecture. Federal Style was a continuation of this movement, but was identifiable by greater attenuation and refinement of many details. You will notice tall double hung windows with multiple divided lights with rectangular grilles.

The Modern Home

The modern home style has flat roofs with simple clean lines. This style embraces industrialism and machine-made products as a way to improve life through efficiency. Typically features casement windows aligned with no grille patterns.

The Queen Anne

The queen anne home style emerged during Victorian era. The style features gables, bay windows, towers and overhangs, double-hung windows often with art glass, and grille patterns.

The Shingle

The Shingle style home is distinctly American and traces its beginnings to the late 19th century. This home is often wrapped with cedar shingles promoting a natural, casual style. Homes typically feature gable roofs with narrow eaves, conical roofed round towers and multi light windows.

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