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Why a New Home is Better

A new home today in Des Moines built by a quality home builder has better components, materials and construction practices. New homes require less maintenance, are safer, healthier and more environmentally friendly.

When you build a new home, you pick the floor plan and finishes that you want. You get to choose the community, neighborhood and home site that appeal to you and your lifestyle. Sometimes it’s the little things like setting up your electronics and media the way you want to enjoy them or just reduce your energy bills with a more efficient heating and cooling system.

Better Built

New homes benefit from continued advances in construction materials and practices. Structural hangers and fasteners combined with engineered wood products are used to frame new home. Energy efficient windows and doors are installed with flashing and sealing to ensure they remain water tight. Vapor barriers manage how water/air can move from inside to outside and vice versa and now create a tighter seal.

Better Materials

Another key factor in making better homes today is the materials from which they are made. Technology has advanced; materials are lighter and stronger. From engineered floor joists that make stronger and less squeaky floors to roof trusses that ensure the most complicated roof is constructed correctly.


Older homes can become hazardous if they were not properly maintained and sometimes even proper maintenance cannot detect the things that are happening behind the walls. All new homes are built to meet stringent building codes that are constantly updating. These codes are designed to promote safety and health.

Energy Efficiency

The most noticeable difference between an older home and a new home is energy efficiency. Studies show that new homes are considerably more efficient than older homes. Des Moines Home Builders that follow stringent energy star guidelines are building new homes with HERS ratings of less than 50. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. It’s also the nationally recognized system for inspecting, testing and calculating a home’s energy performance. For more information about HERS ratings visit the following website.


Older homes, at best, offer air quality that compares with the outdoors, including all the allergens, smog and other by-products of our modern lifestyle. At the worst, indoor air in older homes can contain dust, mold, out-gasses, and even back drafts or negative air pressure. Today’s homes are tightly sealed with controlled airflow. The homes HVAC system clean the air and reduce the chance of carbon monoxide seeping inside.

Latest Technology

Even though wireless technology has advanced, there is still a big benefit to adding technology into the walls during construction. Wired systems let you interconnect all your tech at faster speeds and with more capabilities.

Less Maintenance

Buying a new home means you won’t be surprised with unexpected maintenance and repair issues. It won’t require remolding to make the finishes match your style and only a new home comes with a New Home Warranty. If something does go wrong, you have peace of mind that it is covered during the warranty period. Maintaining a new home will naturally take less time. You will have a brand new yard, fresh landscaping and very little to dos.

Just like a Car, you get the New Home Smell

No one else have ever cooked in your kitchen, slept in your new bedroom, used your bathroom. Everything is shiny and clean.

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