What to expect at closing

A Step-by-Step Guide to Understand the Home Closing Process

Closing is the final step in making the purchase, and it tends to be the most exciting, yet confusing, step in the home buying process. Dynasty Partners walks you through what to expect during the closing phase of buying a home:

  1. Obtain an estimate of closing costs through your lender. These are the costs that you will pay to close a mortgage loan that are separate from your down payment. They are typically related to lender fees, title fees and escrows for things like taxes.

  2. 2. Schedule a final walk through to verify everything in your home is in working order.

  3. 3. Know what you are signing. This is the part of the process where everything becomes final and you are the official homeowner. Verify that all of your information is correct. Read the disclosures and ask questions! Sign all the title documents.

  4. Take your new keys, get organized and move in!

If you have any additional questions, contact Dynasty Partners and we’d be happy to answer your questions!

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