Financing Checklist

Being prepared for your mortgage appointment will help you feel prepared, informed and in control of the conversation when discussing your finances and budget for a new home. With a checklist to follow, you’ll be sure you have all the accurate pieces of information before meeting with your Mortgage Lender. Wells Fargo has an extensive source of references, checklists and guides to help you prepare for such meetings. Home Buying Application Checklist: Home buying application checklist (PDF) New Construction Home Financing Checklist: New construction home financing checklist (PDF) For more checklists from Wells Fargo: Dynasty Partners also

What to Look For When Comparing Neighborhoods

Before you even begin the process of finding a new home, you’ll need to consider location. Location, location, location! Make a list of must have and wishes – You must be in a specific school district or must stay within a strict budget. You wish you could have a shorter commute to work or be closer to restaurants. To help you narrow down which neighborhoods will best suit you and/or your family’s lifestyle, we’ve listed some factors you may want to take into consideration. Proximity Do you want to be closer to your children’s school, shorter commute to work or closer to family? All three may even be important when factoring where your family is going to live. Being closer to your children’s

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