Benefits of New Construction

There are many benefits to purchasing a new home. Here are just a few. Do it your way: Give your home a personal touch. Everything from floor plans and paint colors to faucets and fixtures, are yours to select More space: Built with today’s owner in mind, new construction floor plans typically offer more closet, garage and storage space than older existing homes Improved safety: Homes built today meet strict code standards. New construction materials have eliminated or reduced asbestos, lead, VOCs and formaldehyde emissions Energy efficiency: With today’s heating and cooling systems, better insulation techniques, and improved window construction, homes are more energy efficient than they’v

Financing Tips

Here are some tips from our banking partners to help you avoid difficulties and delays during the financing process. DO Keep all credit accounts curreent, such as mortgages, car payments and credit cards Keep copies of all paycheck stubs and any statements on bills being paid Make payments on all accounts on or before the due date DON’T Quit your job or get another job Authorize anyone to make an inquiry on your credit report Change bank accounts or transfer money within your existing bank accounts Make counter deposits at the bank for more than $500 that aren’t part of your income Co-sign on a loan Take on additional debt, such as buying a new car Apply for credit Charge a large mount on ex

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